The Best Thing to Come from Coronavirus is This Site That Adds Song Lyrics to Those Hand Washing Posters

By Tom Pritchard on at

Those of you that have been keeping tabs on the whole coronavirus thing might have spotted an NHS graphic telling people how they should be washing their hands properly. Because hand washing is something we're being encouraged to do to try and halt the spread of coronavirus (coupled with not touching our faces).

But naturally this has led to a number of parody versions popping up:

But making those is hard, and thankfully we have a website that will automatically add song lyrics to that poster, thanks to developer and Twitter user @neoncloth:

All you have to do is head over to the page, enter a song title and the artist, and the tool will immediately generate a poster using the first batch of lyrics that song has to offer. Like so:

And it works for pretty much every song you can think of, assuming the lyrics are available on Genius. There's some fairly obscure stuff on there, but if they're not, then you're out of luck. Sorry teenager whose friend has a band, they're probably not in it.

Here's a few I made anyway:

It's a lot more fun if you do it yourself, though, so of you have spare minute where you can skive off work, school, or whatever, make sure you check it out and see how well some of your favourite tunes work.

Featured image by Matthew Tkocz on Unsplash