Daytime Internet Usage Has More Than Doubled Now That We're on Lockdown

By Shabana Arif on at

Virgin Media has shared that it's seen a surge in internet usage during daytime hours since the UK has been on lockdown, but it's still less than the usual evening traffic.

Downstream traffic shot up by 90 per cent on Monday, when schools shut, compared to two weeks ago. With more people at home, making video calls for work or to check in with friends and family in other households, upstream traffic has also seen an increase. Virgin Media's chief technology and information officer, Jeanie York, is confident that the ISP won't struggle under the new demand, saying:

"Our network is built to withstand this daily evening peak, and right now is comfortably accommodating this daytime increase. [The increase in upstream traffic] has largely been caused by more and more people working from home and sending files and data back to corporate networks.

"This traffic is increasing throughout the day and continuing into the evening, with peak upstream traffic up around 25% on the previous week, showing people are working later or joining conference calls with friends and family. Our network has ample capacity to handle this increased demand."

Upstream traffic tapers off at lunchtime, and again at the end of the work day, so you're all taking your requisite breaks which is good. You don't want to go stir crazy. The spike in usage still isn't on par with what Virgin has seen for big game launches or during the Premier League, with York adding:

"Despite increased data use on our network, we're not at capacity and are continuing to provide our customers with the ultrafast and reliable services they expect."

In an effort not to take any chances on that front, a number of streaming services have announce that they'll be reducing their video stream bitrates to help, like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and the newly launched Disney+ - and that goes for Disney+ on Sky Q too. You can check to see which films and series are available on Disney+ in 4K and HDR in the UK so you're prepped for when the lockdown is over. [Independent]

Feature image credit: Unsplash