Coronavirus Doesn't Mean Disney+ Will Launch Any Earlier in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite the fact that coronavirus is causing a bunch of Disney stuff to be released early, including streamable versions of Frozen 2 and The Rise of Skywalker, the company has announced that it can't just go around pushing up the launch of the Disney+ streaming services because everyone is stuck inside.

So people have been asking, probably so they can keep themselves and their kids entertained, but that isn't really enough for Disney to launch it right now. Considering the UK launch was pushed back by so many months because of licensing concerns, that's the obvious culprit.

Obviously any company that is on the verge of losing rights to Disney content next Tuesday is bound to want to milk it for as long as they can - especially if there are large groups of people hiding inside avoiding disease. Plus these sorts of negotiations will take time, involve lots of lawyers arguing over problems only lawyers care about, and by the time it's all done 24th March will be long gone.

Plus it already jumped to 24th from the 31st March, so what more do you want? Oh right, A 'lite' version of Disney+ that should have launched back in November.

But hey, if you've already pre-ordered Disney+ to claim the £10 annual discount, you can already watch one of the international catalogues using a VPN. Or if you don't know how VPNs work (they're actually dead easy) you will just have to watch a DVD or something while you browse the hefty list of what is going to arrive next Tuesday and organise your mental to-watch list.