Today's the Last Day You Can Get £10 off a Year of Disney+

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the 23rd of March, and tomorrow is the 24th. Do you know what that means? Yes, tomorrow is the day Disney+ finally launches in the UK, and that makes today the very last day you can take advantage of the pre-order bonus and save yourself £10.

Normally Disney+ costs £6 a month, but if you buy a full year upfront the standard price is £60 - saving you £12 over the course of a whole year. But as a special pre-launch bonus, Disney has been letting people sign up to their first year for just £50. In other words, £22 less than it costs to go month-by-month.

That's a limited time deal, though, and today is the very last day you can take advantage of it. Wait until after midnight and you're going to have to pay full price, which is a bit rubbish. Particularly when a lot of people aren't in work right now and frivolous things like streaming subscriptions aren't really justifiable.

Naturally if you do wait, you can always get a discounted subscription through O2. New and upgrading customers will get six months absolutely free, while existing customers can add a Disney+ subscription to their account for an extra £4 a month.

£4 is obviously a bit less than £6, and doing it this way you're getting a year of Disney+ for £48 - which is the cheapest way of doing it. Pre-order bonuses be damned. Naturally, though, you're stuck using O2 if you want to keep that going.

You can sign up for Disney+ over on its website, and you can check out O2's Disney+ bundles from tomorrow over on the O2 website.