Easyjet Ends Freebies and Asks Crew to Take Three Months of Unpaid Leave

By Gary Cutlack on at

Easyjet is about to match demands made by Virgin for staff to take an unpaid holiday within their own houses, as the airline wants all cabin crew and pilots to take a three-month, off-the-payroll mini-break while the entire air industry is paused.

Not only that, but the penny-pinching is so desperate that any Easyjet crew still flying are being asked to stop having anything they desire from the buffet trolley, as all free meals are off. Pay rises are also frozen in the new terms employees will be asked to sign covering their employment under a "coronavirus cooperation agreement" that would run from now until November; although pilot and crew unions are obviously not in agreement with the plans. They could call a strike, perhaps, but no one would notice right now.

An Easyjet spokesperson said: "EasyJet has met with its employee representatives in the UK to discuss how they can help the airline navigate through these unprecedented times. Like all airlines we are taking every action to remove cost and non-critical expenditure from the business at every level to help mitigate the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic." [BBC]