Isle of Man Seizes Flybe Aeroplane in Lieu of Debts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Authorities in the Isle of Man have found a use for one of Flybe's grounded aeroplanes, and has impounded one such abandoned Bombardier Dash 8 to be held as collateral until such time as the airline's administrators pay off its debts.

Or presumably, until they don't and it can be sold off, or given to a local to use as a shed or put on Airbnb. A representative for the island's treasury department said Flybe owed a considerable sum of around £300,000 in passenger duties and landing fees at time of death, a chunk that is quite likely to be forthcoming as local minister Alfred Cannan has done the research and told the local parliament: "A Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, which is the aircraft in question, has a replacement value of around £25m and a book value of £4m, so I hope that we should indeed get our money that is owed."

The plane in question landed on the island's Ronaldsway Airport on March 4, the night before it all went wrong. The pilot and air crew are still in the pub, working out if they can get enough money together to buy the aeroplane and go freelance. [BBC]