Panic-Shoppers are Leaving the Food Bank Donation Boxes Empty

By Gary Cutlack on at

People going about their panic-buying have found an additional way to selfishly horde goods, as the weird national need to stock up on toilet paper and pasta is leaving the food bank donation crates emptier than usual. We're all for chucking in a tin of beans when times are good, but not now. Not now there's a potential crisis. It's everyone for themselves.

Monitoring of a handful of supermarkets in London found that just 25 per cent of the usual volume of donations has been coming in to the food bank collection points of late, as even cupboard stocks like long life milk and cereal are going home with the shoppers along with their precious toilet rolls.

Emma Revie of the Trussell Trust, a charity that manages around 1,200 food banks, warned that their use is likely to rise along with coronavirus spread too, as the most precarious of workers lose income through isolating measures, job loss or worse, adding that there's an "unprecedented challenge" coming in matching a looming increase in demand with dwindling supply triggered by Range Rovers leaving Sainsbury's full of bog roll. [Trussell Trust via Guardian]