All Future New-Builds to Come with "Gigabit-Capable" Broadband Connections

By Gary Cutlack on at

Changes to housing legislation will soon legally require every new home in the UK to be capable of connecting to gigabit speeds of internet, thanks to the government offering to part subsidise high-end ultrafast connections.

Up to £500 per house/flat is on offer to help pay, with developers only able to skip the requirement if it's found to cost more than £2,000 per home to connect; and even then, a connection deemed "superfast" of at least 30Mbps must be provided as the bare minimum in its place, lest the houses sit unoccupied and unwanted for generations. Virgin Media and Openreach have agreed to the scheme, and the other key fibre-layers are expected to join soon.

Digital secretary Oliver Dowden used the phrase "level up" it is our sad duty to warn you, as he explained: "This legislation means every new home will be built fit for the future and give people access to world-class broadband speeds from the moment they move in. It's all part of our plan to deliver on our commitment to give everyone in the UK access to gigabit broadband, as we connect and level up the country." [GOV]