Google Play Movies Looks Set to Offer Up Ad-Supported Content for Free

By Shabana Arif on at

Google Play is lagging behind the streaming competition with an antiquated service that no one's interested in. And by 'no one' I mean me. But a new model could be on the way to put Google back in the game. Unless you hate ads, in which case it's still shit.

As it currently operates, Google Play allows users to rent or buy films and TV shows, like an online Blockbuster, and we all know what happened to that. There's the odd bit of content for free, but it's not like you're paying a fiver a month for all the movies and series you can find time to watch. Google may have cottoned on to the fact that its current model sucks, because code found in version v4.18.37 of the Android app suggests there's going to be a bit of a shakeup.

The string in question references “hundreds of movies, just a few ads,” although we don't know if this applies to all of the content, just movies, or merely a selection, but given the wording and the archaic way it's been making its library of content available, we assume it's going to be a significant amount. The update isn't live yet, and hasn't been officially announced, but with the launch of Disney+ here in the UK this week, it needs to pull its finger out to be in with a chance of catching up to the competition.  [XDA Developers via Trusted Reviews]