Google is Giving out Play Store Credit as a Little Lock Down Treat

By Shabana Arif on at

Google is sending a little something your way to make your possible self-isolation a little more bearable: credit to use in the Play Store.

The catch is that it's only for Google One users, so if you've forked out for that sweet extra storage space, now you'll be reaping the rewards. Don't get your hopes up too high though. TechRadar reports that one of its writers received a £4 credit, which is still better than nothing. Meanwhile, US users are reporting receiving $5 credit.

Google appears to be sending out credit via email, so check your inbox to see if you've receive yours. There is an expiration date on the offer though. You need to redeem it by June 29 and spend it by September 29. So you can fritter it away on films, TV shows, music - whatever takes your fancy.

If you're looking to keep yourself entertained during your self-isolation, London brewery, Signature Brew, is selling a pub in a box to give you that pub experience in the comfort of your own home. [TechRadar]