Greggs Would Pay Staff Should They Need a Self-Isolation Mini Break at Home

By Gary Cutlack on at

Imagine the unthinkable. Imagine Greggs operating at anything less than full capacity. That disaster scenario has been addressed by the company in its latest set of financial results, in which it considers the impact of a huge coronavirus outbreak on its flaky pastry supply chains and confirms that it would pay staff during any forced time off for a bout of medicinal self-isolation.

Boss Roger Whiteside defended his company's staffing practices too, denying that it employs anyone on a zero-hours basis, and said "Our default position is that we pay contract hours" when asked about the potential for a large percentage of his staff needing special alone time should coronavirus cross the brink and become a business-threatening menace in the UK.

In other Greggs news, 2019 was a stonker for the chain; vegan-fuelled enthusiasm help it to record a 13.5 per cent rise in sales, taking £1.168bn from us in return for a bargain three-item lunch, plus average like-for-like sales across all shops rose by 9.2 per cent. And there's been a "very strong start" to 2020 too, before February's storms kicked in and literally and metaphorically put a dampener on everything. [Greggs via BBC]