Travelodge and Premier Inn Could Transform into Emergency Coronavirus Shelters

By Gary Cutlack on at

Things are continuing to grow exponentially more serious by the hour, with news emerging that we may soon need so many additional hospital beds that the government's thinking of turning our empty chain hotels into emergency camps for the isolating, the sick, the elderly and the homeless, or using them to house NHS workers.

Sources claim that the empty rooms of the Best Western, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Travelodge and Premier Inn chains are the subject of meetings between hotel bosses, ministers and the NHS, with two key plans apparently on the table; offering rooms as self-isolation chambers for the vulnerable, or the grimmer choice of using the rooms for local NHS staff to camp out in, because they're clearly at a higher risk of infection and keeping them away from their families in hotels near hospitals as they work may help.

Hotel cleaning staff may also find themselves drafted in to work in hospitals too, although the job will be vastly more perilous than their usual chores of making the beds, wiping the semen off the walls of the shower, refreshing the tea and coffee facilities and checking no one's stolen the batteries out of the remote control. [Sky News]