Legoland Windsor Defiantly Opens its Close-Proximity Experiences for the Season

By Gary Cutlack on at

"Merlin Entertainments' attractions are open for business as usual" is the line being endlessly copied and pasted out on social media at the moment, as the operator of the UK's most massive theme parks prepares to embody the "blitz spirit" by letting people queue next to each other for 90 minutes for a one-minute go on some shit dodgems, like we used to do in the good old days.

Legoland Windsor staff are saying everything remains awesome although there is a rather jarring and off-message information page about coronavirus on the Legoland Windsor web site  – just below where it says it's open today between 10am and 5pm – in which it warns that "conditions on bookings continue to apply" should you be trying to wangle a refund for a costly group booking made in the halcyon days of our innocent youth, also known as January.

The site is promising "enhanced cleaning regimes" throughout the park, though, and asks people not to come if they're coughing, plus there are additional hand sanitiser units about the place. And some poor staff member is already planning to quit over the additional responsibility of keeping them filled while angry dads ask about drinks refills, and it only reopened on Friday. [Legoland Windsor via Brickfanatics]