Lidl Plans Innovative On-Site Pubs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lidl would appear to be attempting to start an all-out war on Wetherspoons, as the German discount supermarket has applied for planning permission to build a standalone pub on one of its sites in Northern Ireland.

The supermarket is asking local planners to approve the addition to its Dundonald store just outside Belfast, although to alleviate the possibility of the drunken purchasing of ladders, shoes, chocolate and mysterious brands of washing powder, the pub will have a separate entrance and won't physically open into the actual supermarket itself; although there will be an off-licence area to make it easier to carry out large quantities of booze for personal use at home.

The pub will have its own frontage, so we'd imagine it'll have its own classic pub-style name too, like the Pickled Gherkin and Tinned Tuna, or the Cloned Weetabix, or perhaps the Curious Middle Aisle. [Retail Gazette]