Marmite is Finding its Way into Butter and Cream Cheese Now Over at M&S

By Shabana Arif on at

Marmite's insidious spread to everyday products is getting out of hand, as M&S announces some store exclusive Marmite contaminated products.

After the launch of its crunchy peanut butter last year, Marmite followed up with a smooth variant last month for all of those peanut-butter-and-Marmite-on-toast fanatics. At long last, they had a bit of choice when deciding how best to consume the savoury black paste that may or may not taste like butts. Frankly, it's too pungent to make me want to find out.

But now, more Marmite-infused products are coming, exclusively to M&S, with Marmite butter and Marmite cream cheese, and they look about as appetising as you'd imagine. M&S spokesperson, April Preston, said:

"Partnering with an iconic and loved brand like Marmite is the stuff dreams are made of, so when the opportunity arose to collaborate with them on these new and innovative products, we knew the end result was going to be delicious.

"I am personally a huge lover of the Marmite Creamy Butter, it’s brilliant stirred through vegetables like broccoli and mixed into pasta dishes for the family. I can’t wait to see what customers make of the range!"

The retailer's other recipe suggestions include Marmite spaghetti, Marmite rarebits, and bagels with Marmite cream cheese. If you want to give them a whirl for some reason, you can pick up a 140g tub of Marmite cream cheese for £2.50, and the 100g brown log of Marmite butter for £3, which seems a bit pricey, but if you love Marmite, no price is to high, presumably.

M&S also has dibs on the first Marmite baked good with the Marmite cheese twist which you can find n store when it launches for £1. [M&S via Metro]