Cold, Stale and Potentially Hazardous Big Macs Spotted For Sale on eBay

By Gary Cutlack on at

A "used" box of McDonald's chicken nuggets has been spotted on eBay, as those fortunate enough to have purchased before the national shutdown attempt to profit from those who don't mind getting half-rotten chicken sent to their homes in the post.

Most of the sales of stale McDonald's products would appear to be the jokes of the going-insane captive UK population, though, with one auction for a Big Mac offering 100 per cent of the money raised to NHS charities – and it's already up to £130 – so it's doing good. Another sale for nuggets says that instead of a cash payment the seller would happily exchange the room temperature chicken for a four-set of Andrex quilted toilet paper. So that's a joke too. No one is doing it too seriously so there's no need for the police to step in and attempt to distribute the food evenly.

One listing for "new" nuggets that does not appear to be a joke or for charity is currently up to £2,500, mind, so someone's going to lose their Paypal account and eBay ID when that finishes. [Metro]