Rebel MPs Have Another Shot at Getting Huawei Kicked Out of the Networks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Eight Conservative MPs are feeling well young and with it today as they're being described as "rebels" for the first time in their boring political lives; for trying to use the parliamentary amendment system to alter legislation and get Huawei booted out of the UK's mobile networks.

Such chilling old boy names as Iain Duncan Smith and David Davis are leading the revolution, which, if successful, would require all Huawei involvement in the UK's mobile network to be ended by 2022. The amendment has been attached to the unrelated telecommunications infrastructure bill, and in order to be voted into law requires all opposition MPs and 44 other Conservative MPs to vote for it, against the wishes of their newly installed leader and prime minister.

It is therefore unlikely to happen, but then the exercise is being seen as a way of keeping pressure on the cabinet over the controversial Huawei decision; but with Huawei helping our networks to bang up 5G masts all over the shop, each day that passes makes untangling the Chinese supplier from our business a harder and costlier ask. [Guardian]