National Trust Closes the Gardens to Protect Blatant Picknicers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Trust's decision to close buildings but keep the gardens open for physical and mental exercise has been abandoned already, as shock scenes of people seen out and about enjoying the spring sunshine amid a global death pandemic has forced its hand.

Everything is 100 per cent closed now, and the Trust is also shutting some of the remote car parks it manages too, lest people drive there on mass, either oblivious or stupidly putting on a brave face, to infect each other as an early Easter gift. Can't get fat if you can't eat any Easter eggs because you're intubated, eh? Trust director Hilary McGrady said: "Despite our desire to keep our outdoor spaces open, the health and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and visitors has to be our top priority. Having observed the numbers visiting our properties today [Saturday] I am no longer convinced we can maintain social distancing over Mother's Day when numbers are likely to grow, and beyond."

It's not really much help, but he adds that the Trust's many social feeds will up their output, adding that the sites remain "open for business virtually," if by chance looking at a nice old yew tree that Charles II may have brushed past and a mossy roof helps you pass the time in any way. [National Trust]