NHS Car Park Fees Lifted for Health Workers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Well that didn't take long. Once again, in response to massive uproar that temporarily made even Piers Morgan look good, the government has moved to eliminate a hugely unpopular thing overnight, with the UK's health secretary waiving all on-site parking fees for NHS staff.

It's not quite as simple as sending out an email, as many NHS Trusts have their own parking fee structures and systems in place that are managed by outside contractors. In these cases, the government has agreed to fill any funding shortfall the free parking creates, although plenty of trusts are waiving fees themselves already, almost as if they know how bad it looks to be charging staff by the hour to come in and risk death.

NHS chief exec Simon Stevens said: "Free parking will make a big difference for hundreds of thousands of frontline staff, but this is just the start, and we will setting out further support offers over the coming days and weeks, to ensure the NHS looks after those who look after all of us."

If you'd like to help personally and live within walking distance of a hospital, driveway rental scheme Justpark has begun letting the public offer their spots, for free, to NHS workers too. [GOV]

Image credit: Unsplash