Nokia's First 5G Smartphone is the Brand of Choice for James Bond and Co. Apparently

By Shabana Arif on at

MI6 has adopted Nokia smartphones, a brand that has hung around since its glory days in the 90s and faded to the edges of obscurity, and we're supposed to believe that.

The upcoming Bond movie, No Time To Die, will feature the debut of Nokia's first 5G smartphone that has been palmed off on newcomer to the franchise, and up and coming agent Nomi (Lashana Lynch). Observe her holding onto it in the promo images, wondering when the higher ups are going to swap it out with a Samsung S20 Ultra.

The new Nokia phone range features heavily in the 25th Bond film, and is part of a campaign spanning social media, retail, and anywhere else you can buy an ad, that kicks off on International Women's Day on March 8.

Nokia is set to launch its new range of smartphones on March 19, all of which are 'future-proof' so we'll see what that means in real terms, as the Nokia 7.2 also pops up in the film along with the Nokia 3310 neither of which are 5G capable.

"My first phone was actually a Nokia 3210 when I was about ten years old," said Lynch. "In retrospect, it was my smartphone of the 90’s. Being able to change the buttons and faces, whilst playing Snake blew my mind! So, after seeing how much Nokia smartphones have evolved over the years from my childhood to now, it’s exciting to play Nomi who helps unveil a new smartphone for this iconic brand.”

You won't be able to watch the inexplicable pairing of government operatives using Nokia phones decades after the brand's heyday until Sunday, so suspend your disbelief until then.