O2 Extends Its List of Sites That Won't Eat Your Data to Include Even More 'Vital' Services

By Shabana Arif on at

O2 is the first network to announce a slew of zero-rate websites that aren't the NHS, including services that provide "financial, health, and emotional advice and support."

The now-extensive list includes 22 organisations, so you can visit sites like Citizens Advice, or Samaritans, and it won't count towards your data allowance. The newly-whitelisted sites join the NHS site, which the network confirmed would be free to access last week, and calls to 111 that also won't cost you anything for the foreseeable future. O2 CEO Mark Evans said:

“Our customers are the most important thing to us, and we want to ensure that they have the support they need throughout this difficult time. That’s why, further to our announcement last week zero-rating NHS websites, we're ensuring that additional websites providing financial, health and emotional advice and support can also be accessed by our customers without using any data allowance for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis."

We don't know how long this offer will be in place, because neither does O2. A lot of companies that are showing their support for customers during the pandemic have limited their charitable acts to a month. Whether we'll see that extended if the lockdown persists after that stage isn't something they've touched on, because we don't know how long the strange times we find ourselves in will last. Regardless, here's a list of all the sites you can visit that won't gobble up your data if you're an O2 customer:

Citizens Advice:

Financial Advice:

Mental Health / Emotional Support:

Support for Older People:

Support for Young People:

Health Support:

Disability Support:

Bereavement Support:

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