Model Rail Festival Moves Online via Hashtag Sharing

By Gary Cutlack on at

We have good news and bad news about the London Festival of Railway Modelling, scheduled for this weekend. Obviously it's been cancelled as model train buffs will grab any excuse they can not so socialise in person, but the clever bit is how they've moved it entirely online and are encouraging everyone to instead share their rail builds virtually.

Hence the hashtag #TwitterModelTrainShow is the one you want to be looking at if you'd like to join in, or even just voyeuristically watch from the sidings, as modellers share their projects in photo and video form, and brace for questioning from their newfound online friends. And despite being scheduled for Saturday, stay-at-home exhibitors are already sharing images of their home DIY rail infrastructure, saving everyone the stress of getting to London and buying tickets and all that hassle. It may well be the future of all niche community events, pandemic or not, although merchandise sales are clearly doomed. [Twitter via Londonist]