Those Luxury Handcrafted KitKats Are Finally Available to Order Online

By Shabana Arif on at

Remember those fabulously fancy KitKats that launched in John Lewis stores last year? You can now buy and customise your own at the KitKat Chocolatory web shop.

The bespoke KitKats aren't cheap, starting from £7.50 for one of the premium special edition flavours and going up to £14 for a bespoke, DIY job that includes choosing the type of chocolate to drench your fingers in, three toppings, and a gift box with either a generic or custom message. If you prefer, you can take the creative pressure off, and opt for a gift box with a couple of bars from the existing range inside.

The web shop will be open for orders fro now until the end of April with KitKat doing a Mother's Day push, although my mother would be horrified at the prospect of getting a KitKat as a gift. But then unless it has a very clear and very expensive price tag on it, she's not interested. If you have a perfectly normal mum, I'm sure she'll be grateful for the thought and will happily chow down on some chocolate.

The luxury range includes six flavours:

  • Nuttylicious
  • Billionaire’s Treasure
  • Jewels of the East
  • Springtime in Japan
  • Whisky & Ginger
  • Zingtastic Gin & Tonic

If you go for the eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ option, there are almost 1,500 flavour combos to play with so you can have fun with that.