Papa John's is Doing Chocolate Dough Balls Just in Time for Your Coronavirus Lock Down

By Shabana Arif on at

Papa John's may no longer have Papa at the helm (Papa bless) but the pizza chain is reviving its flavoured dough balls - or scrolls, technically - with the latest iteration: chocolate and more chocolate.

Launched this week, the chocolate scrolls are drizzled in chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate pieces, and they look pretty tasty. The new menu addition sits alongside the existing cinnamon scrolls, and is priced at £5.49 for a box of eight. Papa John’s Marketing Director, Giles Codd, said:

"You asked, we listened. We’re really excited to launch the Chocolate Scrolls this March, and following the success of our Marmite, Cinnamon and Mince pie scrolls, we’re confident they’re going to be a huge hit. With Easter just around the corner, what better time to try them."

The scrolls aren't strangers to the menu, with Marmite and Cheese scrolls to be found amongst the side dishes, and last year, the restaurant rolled out vegan-friendly mince pie scrolls that were rolled with mincemeat and topped with icing. The cinnamon scrolls made their debut when Papa John's transformed itself into Papa Johan's last year and are still available now because what's not to like about cinnamon-covered dough?

There's no indication that the chocolate scrolls are a fleeting limited-edition menu item, but given that we're on the brink of a nationwide lock down, you should indulge while you can, which is all the excuse I need.