Coronavirus Pandemic Sees Pret Join Restaurants That Are Offering Freebies to NHS Workers

By Shabana Arif on at

The spread of coronavirus has been alarming, causing the shut down of venues like bars, and cinemas, as well as schools and work places, but the NHS has to soldier on, and brands are stepping up to help them out.

This week, McDonald's announced that it would be supplying NHS staff and emergency workers with free hot and cold drinks for the duration of the pandemic. Eligible workers can flash their work pass at the restaurant or drive-thru to get the beverage of choice that'll see the through the day, and now Pret has joined the effort to keep our NHS workers going with more freebies.

As well as offering NHS staff free hot drinks, the chain is also knocking 50 per cent off everything else ordered. The offer - which we assume will last for the duration of the outbreak - is live now, and has been welcomed by people working in the NHS.

In an effort to keep customers safe, Pret has also announced that it'll be operating on a takeaway only basis, saying:

"Now more than ever, you need to be able to pick up freshly made food quickly. From today, we will be operating mainly as a takeaway business. We will continue to reinforce our strict hygiene standards and do all that we can to look after our team members and all of you."

McDonald's has also closed down its seating areas, serving customers through its McDelivery or takeaway options only. If you frequent Pret, you can keep up to date with the restaurant's response to coronavirus, the measures being taken in-house, and the stores that are open, on its website.