Sheffield Idiot Visits Snowdonia During Lockdown, Locals Block Him In Until Police Arrive

By Tom Pritchard on at

If there's anything I've learned about the Welsh, it's that they tend to have a short fuse (or at least they do in my family), and that can manifest itself as a lack of patience - especially when dealing with the dipshits of the world. Dipshits like the Sheffield man who decided now was the perfect time to go and visit Snowdonia, and wound up being essentially detained by the fed up locals.

North Wales Live has a video of the encounter, but the gist of it is that a man decided the coronavirus lockdown was the perfect time to drive nearly 120 miles from Sheffield to Bala. Locals, none too happy at his blatant flaunting of the rules, followed the man, and blocked him in. They probably realised he wasn't local after spotting someone driving a Range Rover - and a fairly new one at that.

The idiot called the police because he felt threatened, though Aled Wyn Williams who helped block the man's path said, "I told him all we were doing was encouraging him to go home. If he hadn't called the police, I would have done."

It's not clear whether the dipshit in the Range Rover was given one of those fines police are allowed to give out, with a spokesperson for North Wales Police saying:

"Police were called at 10.12am this morning to a report of a man being blocked on a country lane in Bala.

Officers attended and suitable words of advice were given."

Hopefully the encounter with a couple of angry Welsh guys will make him think twice about driving across the country for no good reason. And let his idiocy be an example to anyone else who thinks now would be a good time to head off for a jaunt into the Welsh mountains. [North Wales Live]

Image: Arg_Flickr/Flickr