Sky Q Will Only Stream Disney+ in HD For Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Sky Q subscribers can get Disney+ with a little bit less hassle than normal, because the Disney+ app is available on the Sky Q box - meaning you don't have to go swapping between input devices to watch whatever it is you want to see on Disney's new streaming platform. But that's not going to be the best way to watch it, because Sky Q customers are relegated to standard HD streams.

Disney+ comes with support for 4K resolution and HDR but neither of things seem to be available if you're using the Sky Q app. According to Sky it “will be adding Disney+ content in UHD later this year”, but there's no set timeline or date. Considering how bad Sky has been at sticking to its promises like this in past, it's probably going to be a while before you can get Disney+ in 4K through Sky Q.

HDR is even worse, because Sky customers are still waiting for the relevant updates that seem to have been in the works forever. It was supposed to arrive last year, but back in December it got pushed back by at least a year, and the honest truth is we have no idea if and when it's going to arrive. So naturally Disney+ won't be any exception.

Trusted Reviews also points out that Dolby Atmos support is seemingly absent, though admits it may be due to a hardware compatibility issue or thanks to Disney's ongoing coronavirus-induced bandwidth saving features.

So, in other words, you can't get the most of Disney+ with Sky Q. Which is annoying. Thankfully there are other devices that support Disney+, which we've detailed at length over here.