Snickers Forced to Apologise for Insulting the Welsh

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whoever was doing the social media engagement for Mars brand Snickers is currently in a special part of the office being patted on the shoulder and told that it's OK and that everyone makes mistakes, after a stunt in which the Welsh language was compared to having "someone sat on a keyboard" backfired in predictable fashion.

The first tweet, sent yesterday, read "A place in Wales or someone sat on a keyboard. A thread" and then did indeed deliver a thread in which Welsh place names were pasted in, presumably for the rest-of-world to laugh at because of their unusually dense collection of Ls, their numerous Ys and troublesome OG sounds. All potentially very amusing, until you imagine it's a 1970s Jim Davidson routine about not being bothered to pronounce Indian names properly.

The story ends with [a company meeting we didn't see and] the below tweet of apology for the failed banter attempt...

... which hasn't really worked, as all it's done is provide a new URL for the complaints to sit below and screenshots of the original messages to recirculate within, now that the original thread has been deleted in shame. [Twitter via Metro]