Should You Go to That Thing if You're Really Worried About Coronavirus?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lots of people are worried about Coronavirus, and naturally people are concerned about whether they should go out and do things when we're being told to try and avoid people and curb the spread. So here's a quick guide on what things you should or shouldn't go to if you're worried about COVID-19.

Should I go to the dentist?


Should I go to the gym?


Should I go to America?

You literally can't.

Should I go abroad?

No, assuming the country you want to go to isn't on lockdown anyway.

Should I go to the Apple Store?

No – they're all closed.

Should I holiday in the UK?

No. Keep yourself entertained in your own home.

Should I go out to eat?


Should I go to my big music event?


Should I go to the doctor/hospital?

Only if it's an emergency, and if you have coronavirus symptoms ring ahead to see what they want you to do.

Should I go to the cinema?


Should I got to Legoland?


Should I go to the pub?


Should I go to the hairdresser?


Should I go to the park/beach/countryside?


Should I visit elderly relatives?

Only if they need help. Otherwise no, because they're most at risk.

Should I got and see relatives and friends who aren't old?


Should I visit Tom Hanks?


Should I go to the football?

You'd struggle to get in since all the games are suspended. Also no.

Should I walk my dog?

Yes. Dogs can't get coronavirus, and they'll go mental otherwise. Just stay away from people and wash your hands.

Should I go swimming?

Do you have your own private pool? Then no.

Can I got out and play Pokémon Go?

Best not really, unless you live in the middle of nowhere where playing it isn't much fun. Luckily there are measures in place to keep you inside.

Should I send my kids to school?

Ask your school, because different people have been saying different things, and it's better to be sure. Schools are still open, though.

Should I go to the supermarket?

Only if you need to, and provided you're not buying toilet paper and other random things in bulk like a fucking lunatic.

So basically:

Unless you absolutely have to go out for something important, stay at home.