Tesco Mobile Has Launched 5G, With Prices From £15 a Month

By Tom Pritchard on at

5G is here, and it's the next big thing if all the networks and 5G-centric companies are to be believed. So you need to sign up for a 5G contract, especially if 5G has already rolled out to your local area. And Tesco Mobile has just joined the fray.

Starting today customers can sign up to a 5G tariff on Tesco Mobile, with prices for a 12-month SIM-only deal starting at £15 a month. That only gets you 5GB of data, but it's 5G so you shouldn't really care about silly things like unlimited data plans. Especially since Tesco Mobile doesn't offer any. The most you can get is 100GB, which costs £30 a month on a 12 month plan.

Also available is 20GB for £20 a month and 50GB for £25 a month, For those of you that aren't interested in signing up for a year, monthly contracts are available with the same allowances for an extra £5 a month. All plans come with 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

Tesco Mobile's network runs on O2's infrastructure, which means every area that can get O2 5G can also get Tesco Mobile 5G. Unfortunately you can't check your coverage very accurately, because O2's in-house coverage checker doesn't let you differentiate between 5G, 4G, and the other numerical Gs that make up our mobile signal.

As of January, however, O2 had 20 places in the UK that were connected to its 5G network:  London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Leeds, Slough, Leicester, Lisburn, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bradford, Sheffield, Coventry, Nottingham, Norwich, Bristol, Derby and Stoke. Slough is only in the O2 office though.

So if you want 5G, and you want to get it with Tesco, you can head over to the Tesco Mobile website right now to get your order in.