The Best Animal Livestreams to Tune Into During Self-Isolation

By Sarah Basford on at

Times are dire and while it might feel like everything we know is falling apart, cute baby animals still exist to make your heart flutter in a good way. Thanks to technology, you'll now be able to watch some livestreams around Australia from the comfort of your lounge room or home office. Here are some of the best we've found.

Zoos Victoria (Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo)

Knowing the cure to these anxious times, Zoos Victoria has taken to livestreaming some of their animal exhibits. You can now watch the baby snow leopard exhibit or the giraffe enclosure from Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Open Range Zoo to help soothe your soul a little.

There are six livestreams going right now featuring:

Snow Leopard cubs live stream

Penguin live cam

Giraffe cam

Lion live cam

Zebra live cam

Sydney's WILD LIFE Zoo and SEA LIFE aquarium

Sydney's city-based zoo and aquarium have been shut due to the new restrictions but it hasn't stopped them from letting us watch what the local residents are up to.

Right now, there are three livestreams on the bill across the parks — an penguin feed over at the aquarium, while the wildlife park will host a crocodile feed and quokka cuddle.

Sign us up.

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

While fish and, more specifically, sharks are not likely on anyone's cute list, SEA LIFE Melbourne are giving fans the opportunity to watch the feedings live.

You'll have to head to the aquarium's Facebook page to catch the two livestreams they've done so far — a shark and a fish feeding.

The aquarium confirmed to Gizmodo that you can expect to see rays, sub-Antarctic penguins and saltwater crocodile in the coming days and weeks.

Nature Conservancy Australia's Underwater Reef Cam

If you're in the mood to spy some reef fish, the Nature Conservancy Australia set up a live-feed in Port Phillip Bay near Melbourne. Right now, it's a bunch of seaweed but colourful fish often drop by for you to peep on.

Plus, it's great as background fodder.

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