The Inevitable 'Homeschooling Ruined by Sex Pest' News is Here

By Gary Cutlack on at

A grim man ruined the virtual homeschooling dream of one group of Norwegian children and has given them an additional scar to bear for life, after apparently guessing the unique address of an online meeting room and exposing himself in the middle of shared story time, or colouring time, or whatever time it actually was.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK says the school was using videoconference tool Whereby, which security experts suggest is hackable by simply typing in random URL address strings and asking to join any meetings discovered. The original story has all the horrendous details, if you run it through a translator, but the gist of it is he was wanking on a webcam and it was the children who eventually informed their parents and raised the alarm.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that this particular digital classroom has been closed. A spokesperson for Whereby seems to be blaming the fact that the virtual rooms weren't locked by the teachers, and is offering to block IP addresses to stop this particular man from getting in again. But the problem of being able to simply guess meeting IDs and blag invites remains. [NRK via TechCrunch]