Uber is the Latest Company to Show its Support for NHS Workers With Free Stuff

By Shabana Arif on at

Uber has announced that it will be offering free rides and food to NHS staff, but they're capped at an amount that's less than the number of nurses alone working in the UK. Still, it's better than nothing.

The offer applies to "anyone with an NHS email address including many of the 300,000 nurses in the UK," but will only stretch far enough to cover 200,000 free trips (up to a value of £15) and 100,000 Uber Eats orders (up to the value of £10). It's a generous offer, but with each eligible person able to claim up to 10 rides and five meals per week, some staff may not get a look in. So in the spirit of sharing and basic consideration – which seems to be something that is in short supply these days – don't go mental and leave other people wanting who may be more in need than you are. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said:

"The incredible nurses, doctors and support staff of the NHS are doing heroic work at the forefront of this crisis, and everyone at Uber thanks them for their extraordinary efforts. We hope we can help in a small way with meals and transportation as they work tirelessly day and night."

Even health secretary Matt Hancock chimed in, adding:

"Everyone has a role to play in our national effort to help the NHS tackle coronavirus, so it’s great to see Uber playing their part by offering meals and trips to work for our brilliant NHS staff."

If you go over the allotted amount for either your food or your ride, you'll be charged the difference. You can find out more on how to claim the offer on Uber's website. If you're an NHS worker in London, you'll also be able to use JUMP bikes for free, with priority service to make sure you can park as close to hospitals as you need to. And don't forget, NHS car park fees have been lifted for health workers, if cycling isn't your cup of tea.