UK's EV Grant Chopped by £500

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is continuing with its bundle of various grants for buying new electric vehicles, although some tweaking to the formula sees the £3,500 current incentive reduced to £3,000.

The grant remains capped – to cars with list prices of less than £50,000 – so a few of the entry level Teslas qualify, should you be free from pride enough to opt for one in an austere default finish and not choose any of the pretend self-driving options or the option of a "like" from Elon Musk when you upload your delivery photo. The good news is that the scheme has been approved to run unto 2023, and there are no cuts to the van and taxi grants.

The grant scheme for installation of charging points is being reduced too though, presumably because we have so many that even Jeremy Clarkson might stand a chance of finding one; with the £500 installation grant falling to £350 from April. The maths thinking behind this change is that a lower rate means more people benefit, as the pot of money for such installations remains the same size, plus owners of electric motorbikes may apply now too, having previously been frozen out.

Hybrids can still do one, though, as no new incentives are on offer to anything with less than a battery-only range of 70 miles. [GOV via TNW]