UK Government Can't Quite Believe Trump's Coronavirus Stance

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sources from within the UK government are suggesting that our overlords are perhaps not the hardcore chlorinated US sycophants we might think, as even they're finding the onerous chore of humouring Trump and the US regime a bit tough.

It's the golfing idiotlord's stance on coronavirus that's really tipping our few sane politicians over the edge, as his comments – in which he compares corona to the flu and displays a general Boomer/Facebook level of awareness about the situation unbefitting of a man leading a nation – are said to have triggered a "general level of incredulity" within the UK government. And they'll be the ones having to foot-bump with him at conferences in the future, which is almost enough to make you pity them.

According to insiders speaking to BuzzFeed's UK team, a feeling of "genuine disbelief" is afoot, as ministers and civil servants find Trump's lack of concern about the potential threat posed by the virus a baffling and potentially dangerous approach, with his comments generating "...more than the usual eyerolling." [Buzzfeed]