UK's Post-Brexit Standalone GPS System Put on Hold

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's attempt at making its own version of the pan-Europe Galileo satellite navigation system is on hold, sources say, awaiting further instruction from the government; oh, and maybe an extra couple of billions of pounds, as building things for space is a bit more expensive than first envisioned.

This is according to space development sources speaking to the Financial Times, with one insider saying: "In recent months there has been delay after delay. It seems the UK lacks the expertise to judge the industry proposals so everything is taking much longer." Costs are up too, with £5bn now the asking price, up from the £3-4bn original guestimate.

In addition, a Cabinet Office review is apparently under way or about to be initiated, asking if we really need our own standalone GPS system that apes existing technology anyway, or could perhaps build something better, or different, or smaller, or simply carry on stealing the EU's signals and the US military leakages, as they can hardly stop anyone. [FT via New European]