Don't Send Your Kids to School Next Week, Because They'll Be Shut

By Tom Pritchard on at

After a few weeks of wondering and blustering about whether it should be done or not, Boris Johnson has finally pulled the plug on kids going to school. For the time being at least, and all you parents who are going to be stuck working from home with your kids have coronavirus to blame.

This news come shortly after Scotland and Wales announced schools would be shutting from Friday, and obviously Boris has copied it. Or realised he might as well throw England into the mix as well, so sending your kids to school next week is only going to end up with them coming straight home. Northern Ireland is following suit as well, with schools shutting down immediately for all pupils. Staff have to wait until the end of the day Friday, though.

Of course schools are only closing to the "majority" of children, and both vulnerable children and children of key workers will still be looked after - which is obviously for the best.

Boris Johnson said:

"We think now that we must apply further downward pressure with that upward curve by closing the schools. After schools shut their gates to most pupils and they will remain closed to the majority of pupils."

Considering schools are notorious for spreading diseases this should be a good thing to try and curb the spread of coronavirus. Even if it is going to make life a hell of a lot harder for parents who either work from home or don't have access to childcare. That's probably why the schools have stayed open so long, though no doubt someone in the comments will explain at great length why some or all of my opinions are wrong. [BBC News]