99p Vegan Creme Egg Clone Hits Holland & Barrett

By Gary Cutlack on at

The niche handmade vegan Cadbury Creme egg clone that appeared last year has hit the big time in 2020, with the maker of the ridiculously-named Mummy Meagz Vegan Chuckie Egg doing a deal to sell its all-vegan chocolate treat on the high street via Holland & Barrett.

Obviously the shell is a dark chocolate of around the 55 per cent cocoa level and the filling is made of the appetising combination of sugar, glucose and water, so if you were to panic-buy 100 of them they'd keep you alive for quite a long period. No milk means suitable for dairy free people too, although there is soya. That's in bold, so some people must not be able to have that. You'd think they could've got rid of it as well, seeing as they've gone to a lot of effort.

The cream/creme egg comes as part of a large vegan Easter range for 2020 from H&B, that also features bags of Cadbury Mini Egg clones, proper big eggs in proper big boxes, and "Milk Chocolate Style" eggs for any kids you may be trying to subtly convert to the vegan lifestyle. [Holland & Barrett]