Virgin Atlantic Catastrophically Overshoots National Mood and Asks Staff to Take Unpaid Leave

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Atlantic's business brains have come up with a genius method of coping with the immense financial stresses coronavirus is placing on the travel industry, and is asking its staff to go away for eight weeks without being paid. Then what? Come back like it's all fine and work harder but now wearing breathing apparatus?

Virgin's plan for its flights roughly match measures taken by the rest of the airline industry, with the flier planning to reduce capacity by around 75 to 80 per cent from next week. The company is therefore asking staff to take two months off work without pay over the next three months, with the reduction in salary spread out over six months to somehow make it seem more palatable an option for the billionaire-backed business to take.

Branson's Virgin Group is still in the doghouse from its actions over the weekend too, when it revealed details of a letter sent to the government asking for a £7.5bn bailout fund to be put into place ASAP to protect it and fellow fliers from virus-related hardships. [Sky News]