Vodafone Is Slashing the Price of Its 5G SIM-Only Plans

By Shabana Arif on at

Vodafone has been pulling deals out of its arse left, right, and centre, with SIM-only data-boosted plans being the most recent. And now it has a sweet 5G deal that'll save you half off for six months.

The price of its SIM-only 5G ready plans has been dropped with an introductory offer on 24-month contracts that gives you six months at half price, before being bumped up back to its usual cost. The three plans are the Unlimited Lite, Unlimited, and Unlimited Max, with the only difference between them seemingly being the download speeds you'll enjoy. The monthly cost is actually pretty similar to Vodafone's mobile broadband plans, so it's worth looking at those too, if that's what you're after.

Vodafone Unlimited Lite - £11 for the first six months, £22 per month after that 

Unlimited minutes and texts, and unlimited data, this is the most sluggish plan with a download speed of 2Mbps, which qualifies as "under 15 seconds" to download a 4MB/ three minute song. As such Vodafone recommends no streaming on this plan as videos will be slower to load and you can expect a lot of buffering.

Vodafone Unlimited - £13 for the first six months, £26 per month after that

Again, you'll get unlimited minutes, texts, and data, but speeds up to 10Mbps which translates to three seconds to download the same 4MB/ three minute song. Streaming-wise, Vodafone recommends you stick to HD only.

Vodafone Unlimited Max - £15 for the first six months, £30 per month after that

The speeds for this plan are the fastest available, with near instant download times for that 4MB song. Plus you can stream Ultra HD content, so if you expect to be streaming football, or UHD content in general, now's a great time to snag this deal.

If you're an existing customer, sucks to be you I guess, but Vodafone has regular promos that offer a good discount, so if you're out of contract and looking at what else is out there, the mobile operator is worth a look. [Trusted Reviews]