Vodafone is Getting in on AR Gaming Again With Something Called 'Find Unlimited'

By Tom Pritchard on at

AR games aren't the game changers the initial success of Pokémon Go promised us they'd be, but they're still kicking about and doing quite well for themselves. Well Pokémon Go is at any rate. Naturally Vodafone has prizes to give away, and it's gone and got into the AR gaming space for the return of its limited-time event called 'Find Unlimited'.

The game itself is set to take place in five cities, with each one getting five days for players to head out and collect 'V-Atoms' - AR artefacts that have been left in five high-footfall locations. There are only 25 in each city, and need to be located on the Find Unlimited map before you can interact with them in camera mode. You're only allowed to interact with each one once, and when you do you'll find out if you've won a fantastical prize.

That map is only available on the Find Unlimited website, rather than in a dedicated app, so you'll have to head over there on your phone to get yourself signed up. Anyone can play but Vodafone is playing favourites by giving its own customers exclusive clues to help them locate prizes on any given day.

Prizes for the event include five Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra handsets, plus other 'tech prizes' Vodafone hasn't told us about. Extra clues on the phones' locations will be given out to everyone who pre-registers by the end of the 12th March, as well as the social media addicts who share their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The game itself takes place from 11am-2pm in the following cities on the following dates:

  • Glasgow: 13th March – 17th March, 2020
  • Leeds: 19th March – 23rd March, 2020
  • Manchester: 25th March – 29th March, 2020
  • Birmingham: 28th March – 1st April, 2020
  • London: 2nd April – 6th April, 2020