Walkers Sensations Savoury Easter 'Egg' is a Great Alternative to the Usual Chocolate Stuff

By Shabana Arif on at

We're a month out from Easter and if you're looking for something a bit more interesting than the bog standard chocolate eggs that taste a bit shit, Walkers has just the thing.

A savoury alternative to the usual tat, Walkers' Sensations Easter 'egg' gift box contains a sharing size bag of Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations crisps, a full-size (75cl) bottle of Malbec, a bamboo snack bowl, two stemless wine glasses, and a £5 Amazon Prime Video voucher.

Walkers says it put the box together after looking at research that showed 29 per cent of Brits preferred savoury treats over sweet ones at Easter, while 79 per cent prefer a night in over a night out on the town. And so this not-an-egg 'egg' was born.

You can only buy the box on Amazon where you'll find it for £19.99. The £5 Amazon Prime credit will be added to your account once the egg has shipped, so you can browse the titles ahead of time, picking out the perfect Easter film to watch while you guzzle your wine and cram handfuls of crisps into your mouth. Ali Kirk from Walkers Sensations said:

“We know there’s a growing trend for savoury over sweet at Easter because 37% of the public think savoury snacks are available in more exciting flavours and one in five (18%) say they think chocolate Easter eggs are for kids. So, there’s never been a better time for our savoury Easter treat to go on sale.

"Clearly, the ultimate night in involves a carefully balanced combination of ingredients. We’ve worked hard to identify the perfect mix and have brought it to life with this limited-edition alternative Easter egg. It’s a unique savoury alternative to the traditional chocolate Easter egg and a true feast for the senses.”

If you picked up all of the components separately, it'd cost you £34.99, so you're saving £15 which isn't too shabby. And if you're looking for alternative Easter eggs, there's always this Kinder-inspired egg with a sex toy surprise inside.