Which Devices Will Let You Watch Disney+ in the UK?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Disney+ is set to arrive tomorrow, bringing with it all that Disney content you're not going to be able to find anywhere else - unless you own them on DVD or something. Naturally if you've already signed up, or are thinking about getting in on that Disney action, you'll need somewhere to watch it.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways for you to do that. In fact, the Disney+ app is available on damn near every device - which wasn't the case when it launched over in the US. The app isn't available to download until tomorrow (which sucks) but if you're still wondering what to do when the time comes we have you covered.


If you don't have a device or you can't get the Disney+ app (maybe you have a Huawei device or something), the easiest place to watch the new service is in your browser. Just head over to Disneyplus.com and you'll be good to go.

Probably best to do it on your laptop or other desktop machine, though, because it probably won't work on mobile.

iOS and Android

Naturally the most obvious place to watch your streaming shows is on your phones or tablets, since they're always with you and can take advantage of Disney+'s offline viewing options. iOS and Android were always confirmed as being able to support Disney+, and come 24th March you'll be able to head over to your respective app store to download the app and get yourself logged in.

Fire Tablets and Fire TV Devices

Despite some uncertainty around the US launch of Disney+, which rumours said were to do with an advertising spat between Disney and Amazon, both companies decided to make nice. It's been confirmed by Amazon that the app will be available for both Fire TV devices and Fire Tablets on UK launch day.

Naturally Fire TV integration also means you can use Alexa to control Disney+ to some extent, as much as you would with any other third party streaming app on your Alexa-capable Fire device.

Sky Q

Disney and Sky have partnered up once again, snd while it was suggested this may let you bundle Disney+ into your existing Sky subscription (as was the case with netflix) it doesn't look like that's an option yet.

But the app is available on Sky Q boxes, which at least saves you the hassle of switching to another device. It's just a shame that it doesn't come with 4K or HDR just yet.

Apple TV

Apple's tvOS has its own Disney+ app, but you can also connect the app to the official Apple TV app and watch Disney content alongside content from whatever other streaming services you've subscribed to. In other words you can see everything in one place without having switch apps, similar to how Sky Q customers could watch Disney+ without having to switch to another device.


Nice and simple, there's an app and you can download it. Log in and do your thing.


Chromecast being Chromecast this will involve you having to set up the casting system with your phone or tablet, as well as signing into the Disney+ app there. But that does mean you can beam Disney+ to any device that has casting capabilities, be it a smart TV, Chromecast dongle, or some other streaming hardware. And you don't need to worry about finding the remote, because the remote if your phone.

Smart TVs

Various smart TVs will have access to Disney+ when it arrives, which means you may not need a secondary streaming device if you don't already have one. Those TVs include all Samsung TVs running TizenOS, Phillips and Sony TVs running Android TV, and LG TVs running webOS 3.0.

If you have a TV running Roku or Amazon Fire TV software, those will also have access to their own dedicated Disney+ app as if you had one of their respective devices plugged in.

PS4 and Xbox One

Like the Roku or smart TVs, all you have to do is boot up your gaming system of choice and download the Disney+ app. Nice and simple

Now TV

When Sky announced that Disney+ was coming to Sky Q, the company also confirmed that it would be coming to Now TV as well. The details of when aren't clear, because nobody told us whether the app would be available on 24th of March or sometimes thereafter. So if you're a Now TV stick owner, you may end up a little bit disappointed.

Still, at least the current Now TV stick supports HD resolution, unlike some of its older counterparts.