WHSmith Pivots to Essential Commodities Pasta and Toilet Roll

By Gary Cutlack on at

Around 80 WHSmith branches in hospital reception areas are to start stocking more in the way of essential groceries, with Sainsbury's helping the retailer to supply a wider range of take-home shopping for those stuck working at the coalfaces of our NHS sites.

Smiths says it'll start selling toilet roll, pasta and various long-life tinned groceries from today, all of which also benefit from the chain's recently upgraded 20 per cent discount for NHS workers. It should mean hospital staff can do a bit of shopping at the end of the 96-hour shift without having to endure the modern hell that is a slow-moving and socially distant queue outside a standalone supermarket, with around 90 Sainsbury's store cupboard items hitting the Smith shelves.

We have now removed WHSmith from the Bad Actors list. Two more nice deeds like this and it may emerge from the mess of 2020 with only a mildly tarnished reputation. [Twitter via Yahoo]