Brummie Resistance Torches 5G Mast

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some utter loons fed on Facebook disinformation have torched a 5G mast in Birmingham, and we are once again simultaneously outraged yet also impressed they managed to get a metal object to catch on fire.

Here it is, slowly melting in the Acocks Green area:

The responses to the above embedded tweet show just how weird the 5G war has become online. One person replied, without challenge or having to prove anything: "Tear them all down. They are causing deaths of people diagnosed with coronavirus. It causes the same lung damage as pneumonia. It it causing healthy people to pass out from low oxygen levels. The military uses 5G in their Active Denial System to control crowds. Shut down 5G!"

Who is this stupid? Is that even a real person? What's the endgame success that comes from lying about phone masts and coronavirus on Twitter? Who wins? [Twitter]