A Family in Lockdown Recreated The Simpsons Opening and It’s Absolutely Joyful

By James Whitbrook on at

Sure, you could be watching an awful lot of The Simpsons on Disney+ right now. But why not make your own version?

Stuck at home with nothing but some Simpsons Halloween costumes, a hilariously bored Joel Sutherland and his family donned their yellow-hued October regalia and decided to film their own novel-coronavirus-themed take on the beloved animated series’ opening titles.

There are some limitations of course – it’d be irresponsible in the age of social distancing for Marge to let a grocery store assistant handle Maggie, even accidentally, and Bart’s skateboard dash through Springfield is now a scooter ride past a decidedly empty park instead. But that doesn’t stop it from being just cute as a button.

And hey, it’s a way to pass the time, right?

Featured image: Joel Sutherland (Youtube)