A Man on Lockdown Is Beset By His Action Figures in This Delightful Horror Short

By Julie Muncy on at

Some of us are coping with life in the age of social distancing well, bettering ourselves, learning new hobbies, generally making everyone else feel inadequate. And some of us are going to war with our action figures.

Okay, maybe we’re not doing that in real life, but in the world of Mike Mendez’s absurd horror short, “There Can Be Only One,” that’s how lockdown is going. Mendez, a filmmaker behind such films as The Convent and Big Ass Spider!, is using his time to, well, make films, posting them to his Instagram stories, which gives them a sort of experimental flair that matches the low production values and general goofiness of the work. His latest is the story of a man beset by a living action figure that makes dealing with Chucky look like child’s play.

This short very briefly plays with horror tropes before going into full-fledged absurdity. Do you like to see action figures fighting? A Guillermo del Toro fan? Dizzy with pop culture references and nervous energy, this is a very silly film for a very stressful time. And makes me worried about my action figure collection.

Featured screenshot: YouTube