Airbnb Does Small Thing to Imitate What it Thinks Helping Looks Like

By Gary Cutlack on at

Home rental operator Airbnb thinks all of this fuss will be over by April 18, as that's how long new restrictions it has placed on bookings last.

From now, people trying to book via Airbnb will be asked to prove they're a key worker trying to move closer to a place of work or, and here's where everything stays super-vague and renders the rule changes fairly meaningless, to show they have reason for a booking to be classed as an "essential stay" and is not being used to escape lockdown for a cheap holiday.

Airbnb says that houses should only be let via the frontline stays system it's put in place to monitor such bookings, which should only be open to healthcare staff and first responders until April 18. As a result most properties seem to simply be blanked out until April 19, as the onus on proving this and cooperating with the rules is a bit tedious for most pro landlords. The instant-booking function for whole-house lettings has been cancelled too, should some owners try to slip through the check nets and rent a sneaky fortnight to a city escapee. [BBC]

Featured image: Airbnb (Annette)