Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablets Gets a Well-Timed Price Drop

By Shabana Arif on at

Lockdown. Kids. Full house. I don't know how you're faring as we close out week two of quarantine, but if you'd welcome getting your tablet and smartphone back from your kids' pudgy, sticky, hands, you can get them their own to play on now that the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is 35 per cent off.

The tablet usually comes in at £99.99, so after the discount, you'll only be forking out £64.99. That means you can buy two for £130, and now that we've entered sale math mode - only to be utilised when justifying splashing out on discounted items - you're basically getting a second table for just £30. Depending on how many kids you have, or how many you love enough to splurge out on - we know you've got a favourite.

A number of retailers have slashed the price - probably because they know you'll be more inclined to buy it with school lockdowns, and they're right. Amazon, Very, Currys, and eBay are among the retailers running the 35 per cent discount, and you can buy the device in blue, purple, or pink, to satisfy most kids' needs for bright, garish things.

Once they've got their new tablet, why not use it for something mildly educational with BT's Code a Cake which teaches kids some basic coding in the form of baking a virtual cake. It's somewhat entertaining so I'm sure if it's an actual child giving it a go, they'll have a blast.