Boris Johnson Transferred to Intensive Care After His Coronavirus Symptoms Get Worse

By Shabana Arif on at

The Prime Minister was moved to the ICU at St Thomas' Hospital in London last night, although officials say he's not so bad that he needs a ventilator, and is in "very good hands".

Johnson was admitted to hospital on Sunday evening after exhibiting "persistent symptoms" but was still "still very much in charge". However, his symptoms have got worse and on Monday night he was transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit. While he's not on a ventilator, he has been given oxygen.

Foreign secretary and first secretary of state Dominic Raab has now stepped in to Boris' slippers at No.10, with cabinet office minister Michael Gove saying that Raab is now "the person who is running the countryā€¯. Raab has said he'll be "driving forward the government's plans to defeat coronavirus."

When asked how alarmed the public should be about all of this, and the implications for the country, Raab said:

"The government's business will continue, and the Prime Minister is in safe hands with a brilliant team at St. Thomas' hospital. The focus of the government will continue to be on making sure the Prime Minister's direction or the plans for making sure that we can defeat coronavirus and pull the country through this challenge will be taken forward."

Raab added that the government will be implementing the plans that the PM has instructed them to deliver as soon as possible, indicating we may see the lockdown continue after this week, and given the lackadaisical response to the current measures, with people breaking simple quarantine rules like not having a fucking picnic in the park, we may see a more stringent approach with regards to the rules or the powers given to law enforcement to make sure they're followed. Currently the police can disperse gatherings of two or more people, hand out fines, or make arrests, but the latter two are only to be used as a last resort.

A number of police departments across the country started setting up road blocks to stop and question people on where they were going, which isn't mentioned anywhere in the bill, and they've since been told to back off, and have been reissued instructions on what it is they're actually supposed to be doing i.e. not making up their own rules and acting outside of the additional and temporary powers they've been given. [BBC News]